Toby Neumann, RMT/CEO

Registered Massage Therapist

toby_newWith opening SWC back in October of 2008 and with being a Registered Massage Therapist now for over 16 years, I have come to be proven by professional and personal experience, that the human body needs to be dealt with on different levels. Body, mind & spirit are the 3 components that alternative health care focuses on. I believe that starting with simple applications and reducing stress, the human body has the ability to rebalance and heal itself. Registered Massage Therapy, can help you reach a certain level within your treatment time but encourage every client to take the next step and include home care in their routine as well as alternating other alternative health care practices into their health care plans.

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“Over the last two years, Toby has been my massage therapist as I prepared for several endurance sport events. In addition to treating specific areas of my body where I experienced aches and soreness from training, Toby also recommended exercises for me to maintain body flexibility and to prevent injury. As a result, I was able to recover well from my workouts and to cope with the demand of progressively higher training intensity and volume through the triathlon race season. I very much appreciate Toby’s help while I pursue my athletic goals.”

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